5 апреля 2017, Hamburg, Germany

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Hi everyone! I am Matt Kempke (@MattKempke), author, artist & game designer @daedalic ... so let's talk about making #games!


I made my hobby a job 6 years ago & have learned much more about game production. Yet I miss drawing all backgrounds myself. :) #notime


The pic on top is a line art pencil I did for The Night of the Rabbit. Color by Simone Grünwald. Love World Building thru writing & drawing!

@gdunderhood @MattKempke @daedalic Ok, wie wäre eine fortsetzung von "The Night of the Rabbit"?

My big lesson learned tweet for today: whenever you plan, plan with a 30% buffer. If you have no idea what you are doing: 50+ %


Oh and have a look at my new project: Ken Follett's THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH as a 2D interactive novel @daedalic_tpote is our twitter feed


This is the game my team and me are working on right now:… Let me know what you think.


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So who of you also gets excited when planning a project or parts of it in excel or google docs and feeling in contr……

@gdunderhood Looks darker than your usual style, but very cool, I like it :)

Thanks! It is a challenge to get a team that is used to doing funny and cute to get more serious. I was always shou……

@gdunderhood just wanted to say, your games are amazing. Like good fairy-tale for adult. Thank you :)

Thanks so much! :)…


One of the biggest challenges esp w/ games: switching between the creative and the administrational thinking…

@gdunderhood whats your favorite point-to-click game?

The Curse of Monkey Island and Kentucky Route Zero!…

Thank you for sharing this fascinating talk by John Cleese.…

You're welcome :)…


In writing & in game design we aim for a flow. Imagine to write this routine & to make it FLOW like that: wow.


Making a game for two years is like hatching a dragons egg in your brain. In the end it fully occupies your mind and then breaks free ...


... It starts small and in the end it breaks free and leaves you as an empty husk :) if you are not careful.


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@gdunderhood Why do you think KPZ is so good?I bought it, but I can't understand many things happening there. I thi……

I'll answer that in a general post I'll write now :)…


Kentucky Route Zero was an eye opener for me. The team removed all obscure adventure game puzzles and put everything into art and emotion.


After I had made three adventure games I knew what the problems were for me: puzzles that led to interactions not strengthening the story.


You can make funny, interesting and story driven classic "puzzles" but even with those I started having my problems. Kentucky Route Zero ...


... made the story a "puzzling experience" instead that put everything into art, emotion and world. For me that worked wonderfully. Love it!


If you love classic puzzles and AND are not into Kentucky Route Zero's style then you might not like it. But I love it on many levels.


And I am super thankful that they showed me the way on a very personal level - how to get closer to the world and emotions within the genre.


With the Pillars of the Earth @daedalic_tpote we try something similar - though the story and style (realistic) demand a different design.


But we focus on "puzzling situations" that require thinking, investigation and decisions rather than "puzzles" with funny/obscure solutions


The aim is to stay close to the scene, characters and story - nothing that breaks logic or realism too much for the sake of having puzzles.


My co author Kevin Mentz (who wrote and designed "Memoria") and me had the most challenging writing and game design phase we ever had so far


But we WANT Pillars to feel like a drama - not like a puzzle game - so we had to make up new rules. :) and we are still excited about that!

@gdunderhood The biggest challenge in designing @Die_With_Glory for me was exactly the puzzles being too much funny and obscure :)

Looks like a cool game! :) And you like Cowboy Bebop! We should have a beer sometime :D…


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@gdunderhood Totally! Any chance you will attend DevGAMM conference? :D

Unfortunately not. :( For another handful of months we need to wrap up PILLARS!…

@gdunderhood What do you consider the most useful tool for organising your game design work?

for me it is still excel/googlecalc and yEd - and for prototyping the game engine of your choice, twine and inkle (……

@gdunderhood What do you consider the most useful tool for organising your game design work?

More than once I tried programs that wanted to organize the game design work for you, from flow charts to dialogue……

@gdunderhood What do you consider the most useful tool for organising your game design work?

... but google docs is better at sharing, excel has a better performance and yEd just is quick and easy to use.…


So, what is the reason why you love making games? I'm addicted to world buidling - bringing places, characters & emotions to life!


If you had a say, time and budget: what game would you make? Tough to say - but for me it would be a Tom Waits song turned into an adventure


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Well, I wish I had had more time this week to tweet, but it was a lot of fun taking over the channel. Thanks! :)


If you want to stay in touch you can find me @MattKempke :) Take Care! And good luck making great games! ❤